Private Tour Packages for Festivals

Private Tour Packages for Festivals

Besides all the big holidays in China that are celebrated nationwide, such as the Spring Festival and Dragon Boat Festival, there are also small-scale festivals that are celebrated among each ethnic group. With China Escapade, you are going to where those festivals take place and celebrate with other people from the ethnic groups. You may even get to stay with a local family! Music, dance, traditional costumes and also fireworks. Little gifts are often given as a hospitable gesture.

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Hangzhou Dragon Boat Festival Experience

May 28, 2017 is the special day for Hangzhou Xixi Wetland Dragon Boat Festival. We will pick you up at your hotel or anywhere in downtown Hangzhou and take you to experience the boat race with a perfect combination of China folk traditions and Olympic spirits. Moreover, you will enjoy West Lake cruise in the afternoon to experience one of the most beautiful lakes in China.

Duration : 1 day From $86 Details »

Experience the Miao New Year Festival in Guizhou

This November, attend the celebrations and festivals of the Miao ethnic group in Guizhou. Singing, dancing, animal fights, competitions of embroidery and long table banquet are all on the schedule during the week's celebrations.

Duration : 6 days From $502 Details »

18-day venture out Tibet

During the 18-day Tibet tour, you will inside Tibet to experience Tibetan culture and the festal atmosphere. The grassland of northern Tibet also comes its golden time with thousands of flowers in bloom and the Namtso lake like a blue pearl on the Tibetan plateau. The annual Nagqu Horse Racing Festival held in August attracts thousands of Tibetans and tourists to the grassland to have fun together.

Duration : 18 days From $3,871 Details »

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