Enjoy the West Lake cruise and parade in the Bamboo Forest, you will fall in love with the day trip on the paradise on earth with natural and cultural charm.

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One day excursion to Hangzhou


Enjoy the West Lake cruise and parade in the Bamboo Forest, you will fall in love with the day trip on the paradise on earth with natural and cultural charm.

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This morning, your guide will pick you up at the hotel or the agreed place in Hangzhou. Then, you will begin your day trip with a visit to the Former Residence of Hu Xueyuan, a billionaire trader of the nineteenth century. He built a house that is up to par with the most beautiful palaces of China in the heart of Hangzhou. With a miniature West Lake and a miniature artificial karst cave, this old residence combines Chinese traditional charm with the modernity of its time period. Close to the former residence of Hu Xueyan, visit the ancient Huqingyutang Pharmacy, which is now a museum of traditional Chinese medicine. If you have any problem, employees will find you a miracle herbal remedy in honor of tradition. Then exit with your guide and stroll freely in one of the nicest streets in Hangzhou, the Hefang Street. This area is lined with houses that showcase beautiful traditional walkways and offer an ideal setting for any souvenir shopping if you wish. You can also enter one of the establishments that are run by the local population. If you like, have a taste of local specialties such as ham or spices.
Then, stroll along the banks of the West Lake to appreciate its incomparable ancestral beauty. Enjoy the charm of this natural park as it stands as a grand symbol of Hangzhou. Remember to take pictures while relaxing on a peaceful cruise on West Lake's gorgeous waves. Feel free to look all around and admire some of the most beautiful panoramas of China too. The beautiful sights and funny activities here are quite impressive. Then visit a former private housing garden with peaceful ponds of fish and flowerbeds of peonies.
In the afternoon, visit the Lingyin Temple, shrine of the sect of Zen Buddhism in China. Nestled in the hills of a huge park, this site gives an opportunity to soak up the natural environment of this setting and the spirituality of this place while learning of its eventful past. Once inside, you may discover a beautiful statue of the founder of Buddhism, Sakyamuni. Wander the paths of the park and see its magnificent Buddhist sculptures that were formed within the hollow spaces of its hills. There are more than 300 Buddhas that were carved into the rock of these hills, which is a rare sight in this part of China.
After that, explore the surrounding hills of Hangzhou and discover one of the main places for harvesting Dragon Well tea, the Meijiawu Tea Village. Visitors may initially get the impression of being lost in the middle of nowhere, considering how removed this tranquil environment may appear. Here, you will learn how to select the best leaves and conduct techniques for drying the tea leaves in the traditional Chinese way, which is in large bamboo baskets. After learning such techniques, an authentic tea ceremony will be offered. This experience will show you how to prepare and serve tea, which is a distinguished Chinese art. And finally, of course, do not forget to taste this Dragon Well tea, one of the most popular in China.
At last, at the foot of the Wuyun Hill, take a stroll down a paved road that leads to the Yunqi bamboo forest. This oasis of freshness boasts thousands of bamboo around you. The promenade will take you to a small valley containing a peaceful pond.



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  • Chinese Lifestyle ( 5 )
  • Chinese Art ( 2 )
  • West Lake

  • Lingyin Temple

  • Meijiawu Tea Village

  • Yunqi Bamboo Forest

  • Hefang Street

  • Former Residence of Hu Xueyan


Prices: Price may vary depending on the season, the price of transport and other external reasons. (Quoted in U.S. dollars and based on per person)

Classes 1 person 2-4 persons 5-6 persons
Economy 17711081
Superior 000
Deluxe 000

General Price Inclusion of Private Tours

1. The entrance fees as stated in the itinerary.(Including any cruise). 
2. Professional and private english-speaking guide for airport transfer (train station transfer) and sightseeing. 
3. Private and well-conditioned vehicle with a professional driver for airport transfer (train staion transfer) and sightseeing. 
4. Meals as stated in the itinerary. Chinese meal in a tourist restaurant or a local restaurant. The number of dishes varies according to the number of persons in the group. The meal also includes a glass of softdrink or beer.
5. Service Charge and government taxes. 
6. Travel Agency Liability Insurance. 
Your entire tour is covered by the travel agency's liability insurance, the insurance is directly regulated by the National Tourism Administration of China. This insurance covers accidents that transpire as a result of any services caused by a travel agency. It doesn't cover any incidents or physical problems occurring outside of the tour period caused by clients themselves. We, therefore, recommend you purchase additional travel insurance in your home country before departure. 

Excluded from the General Price of Private Tours

1. Chinese visa application fee. 
2. International flights fee 
3. Overload luggage fee. 
4. Tips for guides and drivers. 
5. Personal expenses. (such as room service, laundry, telephone bill...). The settlement of these expenses will be done when you check out. The deposit, which will be requested when you check in, will be returned on departure.


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