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In south of Yunnan, including the Honghe, is still poorly developed area. Yet, they contain incomparable landscapes! After a day's drive from Kunming, capital of Yunnan, you won't regret the Southern Yunnan trip: the rice terraces seem straight out of a dream and the typical villages contain huge family residences. We must spend three to four days to fully enjoy all of the sites which are located so far away from the modernity.

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13-day inside the traditional Yunnan

For a deep exploration in China, a trip to Yunnan is the best choice. In Kunming, visit the villages in the north while appreciating typical architecture of ethnic minorities in the region, all in stunning natural settings. The sky is reflected in the fields of rice terraces of Yuanyang and the Zhu family's garden has been at Jianshui for thousands of years as the unique heritage.


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