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  • Huangshan Mountain

    Huangshan Mountain

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    Hongcun Village

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    Xidi village

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    Chengkan Village

The Yellow Mountain or Huangshan in Chinese may not be well known abroad but its breathtaking landscapes have inspired the creation of vast Chinese paintings and poems. For some, the Yellow Mountain is considered the top mountain below heaven, which is important. In the valley, the ancient villages of Hongcun and Xidi are among the most beautiful rural villages in China.

Huangshan Overview

Located 500 kilometers away from the coast and Shanghai, the Yellow Mountain throne in Anhui Province. Its highest peak, the peak of Lotus, is over 1,860 meters in altitude. This is where the Yellow Emperor came almost 3,000 B.C. to find the secret of immortality. 
Huangshan is depicted by artists as one of the most beautiful places in China. Having served as a model for many paintings, Yellow Mountain is also the subject of many great poems. Xu Xiake, who traveled to Huangshan for several times, said in admiration, "Who has seen the five sacred mountains has no desire to know the other peaks; who saw Huangshan Mountain has experienced a moment of pleasure watching these five sacred mountains."
Indeed, the 72 peaks of the Yellow Mountain are as impressive and beautiful as those in Mount Taishan, as steep as those in Mount Huashan, the waterfalls are as extraordinary as those of Mount Lushan, the clouds are similar to those of Mount Hengshan, the rocks are as strange as those of Mount YanDang and the temperature on Mt. Huangshan is as fresh as that of Mount Emei. 
Huangshan Mountain, with its unique pines perched on rocks in strange shapes, its sea of clouds out of sight, its hot springs or snow covered landscape in winter is the most enchanting. Also, the small villages at the foot of Huangshan are equally charming.

Must-see in Huangshan 

Whether you like hiking or not, the Huangshan visit will be an unforgettable experience. You can walk up or take the cable car to the top of the mountain. From there a walk between the peaks allows access to the pavilions with stunning views: Yuping pavilion to admire the sea of clouds, Paiyunting pavilion for the sea of clouds and dusk, Pavilion of Qingliangting for the sunrise.
At the foot of Huangshan, you can visit the small village of Hongcun, which is often depicted in paintings for the beauty of its buildings reflected on the clear canals. A stop at Tunxi may also be considered

Best Time to Visit Yellow Mountain 

All seasons offer a different view of the wonderful Yellow Mountain. In the spring, a patchwork of color is formed by the blooming flowers and green forests. In the summer, pines and mist prevent hot weather in the cities. In fall, the maples turn red. In the winter, snow covered trees and flowers present a pure world.

Note: Some parts of the climb can be difficult. It is advised not to walk up during a rain or thunderstorm. Bring good trekking shoes to avoid slipping in the winter and use sunscreen in the summer.

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