Beijing Cultural capital of China, past, present and future of China

Beijing Travel Guide of China

Things to do in Beijing

  • Beijing Hutong

    Beijing Hutong

  • Tiananmen Square

    Tiananmen Square

  • Forbidden City

    Forbidden City

  • National Grand Theatre

    National Grand Theatre

  • Peking Opera

    Peking Opera

  • Mutianyu Great Wall

    Mutianyu Great Wall

The top sites in Beijing

When you think of Beijing, what comes to mind? The Great Wall of China, The Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, The Old Hutong, Peking Roast Duck, Peking Opera, or the 2008 Olympics are a few highlights of Beijing. Beijing is one of the greatest tourist destinations due to its countless cultural artifacts.

Beijing Overview

Chinese citizens are often surprised when Westerners mistake Shanghai for the capital of China. Although Shanghai’s development makes it the country’s economic capital, Beijing remains the official capital of China. Beijing plays a major role in China’s political and cultural matters. With traces of civilization dating back to 300,000 years, the Beijing region is part of one of the oldest civilizations in the world. The city itself was built almost 3,000 years ago.
Throughout various dynasties leaders have changed Beijing’s name and assigned other cities as the capital of China. Nonetheless, Beijing has served as the capital of China for about 800 years. Each emperor or leader often modeled the city in their own image which consisted of walled compounds that were destroyed by the Chinese government within the last century. Beijing is the political center of the country as well as having rich cultural capital. The sites in the city and its periphery are incomparable making Beijing a must-see for tourists traveling in China.

The Development of Beijing 

Beijing represents the past, present and future of China. From the city center to the its outskirts, there are many tourist attractions to visit. There are large parks, temples, sacred spaces and resorts dating back at least a thousand years ago. When you enter these sites present-day, you may forget that you are in the capital of China. Unlike the capitals of western cities, Beijing seldom has tall buildings blocking the sun or loud noises from honking horns on busy streets. Instead, there is peace and serenity. The rest of the city continues to develop as cranes and jackhammers disturb the landscape and tranquility of parts of the city. The skyscrapers that do exist are worth a visit. Other world famous architectural structures are also available for visits. A walk to the site of the 2008 Olympics or the business district are important places to experience Beijing’s blend of modern and traditional style.

Beijing Specialties 

Due to its important role in various dynasties, Beijing specialties vary and are often composed of a mixture of many regions. The most well known dish in Beijing is the Peking Roast Duck, which is a culinary specialty in Chinese cuisine. Many tourists have praised this dish for its tastiness. Additionally, the Peking Opera is the most famous of all Chinese operas offering a unique experience to visitors. 

Travel by Public Transport  

Beijing is a modern city with accessibility to public transportation, particularly the subway. For some outlying sites, you could take the bus or a taxi. Although in most western cities taxis are a luxury in China they are very inexpensive. Most of our trips provide a private car, if requested. However, if you’d like a more economical experience you can travel by public transit since its highly accessible in Beijing.

Must-see things in Beijing

In Beijing there is so much to see that it would take at least a week to fully tour the city. The Great Wall, nearby Beijing, is a must-see attraction for any tourists traveling in China. No matter what the season is the scenery remains breathtaking.
You’ll have the opportunity to discover the Beijing Imperial Palace along with other palaces including that of the Forbidden City and the Summer Palace. To visit a sacred place, the Temple of Heaven is a great option. There, you can explore what the daily lives of Beijing locals consist of. The Lama Temple is also another popular tourist attraction.
To see the most traditional parts of the city you should take a walk in the Hutong. Other than walking there are opportunities to take a bicycle Hutong tour or rickshaw, feel free to choose what is best for you. The Hutongs are some of the oldest quarters of Beijing, some of which now house bars and small shops.
In contrast, to have an accurate depiction of Beijing’s development you should visit the site of the 2008 Olympics with the Water Cube and the Bird’s Nest. A passage in the central business district is also another option, especially if you’re fascinated by strangely shaped buildings towering toward the sky.

Best Season to Visit Beijing

Beijing, in Chinese, is translated as Northern Capital. Since it is located in the North it experiences the coldest weather in China depending on the season. In a dry climate, temperatures are cold in the winter and are reinforced by dry wind. The thermometer displays an average temperature of around -3℃ (20℉). During the winter is the best time to visit the Great Wall since there will be snow.
During the spring the climate is pleasant, but sand clouds from the desert become noticeable around April. In May, thunderstorms emerge on afternoons to cool the air in Beijing, which easily rises to temperatures above 30℃ (80℉).
Autumn is an ideal season to visit the capital. Camping on the Great Wall is an extraordinary adventure and walking in Beijing parks that have colorful foliage adds to your tour experience.

Beijing Climate Average Temperature Fahrenheit

Beijing Climate Average Rainfall

  • Best time to visit

    Apr. May. Jun. Jul. Aug. Sep. Oct. 
  • Altitude

    50M Altitude Beijing
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