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Things to do in Longsheng

  • Longji Rice Terraces

    Longji Rice Terraces

  • Jinkeng Rice Terraces

    Jinkeng Rice Terraces

Longsheng, lost in the mountains of Guangxi, home to several villages of ethnic minorities in China. Some still little touched by tourism, it is a real treat to get in touch with the local people who kept their so special traditions. Longsheng is worth a visit especially for these stunning landscapes composed of rice terraces.

Territory of Chinese Minorities                  

The Longsheng Autonomous County in Guangxi Province is home to four of the 55 ethnic minorities in the country, Zhuang, Yao, Miao and Dong. The customs of these peoples remained intact today settled in this region of China and scattered in several villages. 
The clever peoples built houses in unique style fit perfectly into the landscape of rice terrace area. 
Each of these minorities has kept its language, songs, dances and traditions. So if you meet women in black pants and white shirt with colorful fabrics in their hair, they will be Zhuang. For Miao, they are dressed in skirts with pleats and colorful waistcoats . The women of the Yao minority have very long hair, they hardly cut them; they wrap the turban on their heads to form a more traditional headdress.

Dragon´s Backbone or Longji

The birth of the rice terraces is the handmade work of those surrounding minorities. Forced to settle in this area, they had modeled the surrounding hills to be able to grow rice without the help of farm cattle. So they built terraced fields on the hillsides to make the rice terraces. Their wooden villages blend perfectly into the natural landscape of Longji. From the top view, you can see colorful flashes among crops; these are minority women coming to work in the fields. For the amazing scenery from the top of a hill but also the communication with the local people, the travel to Longsheng will remain etched in your memory forever.

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  • Altitude

    1000M Altitude Longsheng
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