Danzhai Travel Guide of China

Things to do in Danzhai

  • Shiqiao Village

    Shiqiao Village

  • Gaoyao rice terraces

    Gaoyao rice terraces

  • Boji Miao Village

    Boji Miao Village

The small district of Danzhai is a great place to take a break during a trip to Guizhou. The scenery offered by ethnic minority villages on the slopes of the hills and surrounding rice terraces are the most enchanting.

Overview of Danzhai

Danzhai county is located between Kaili and Rongjiang, in Qiandongnan, Guizhou. Most of the inhabitants of Danzhai belong to the Miao ethnic group, as in Kaili. However, the rest of the inhabitants belong to 17 different ethnicities! The patchwork of ethnic costumes are so impressive and can be seen throughout the area. Some of them have chosen the bird as a totem, and one can see traces in different places in the villages.
It is in this region that the traveller can enjoy the most beautiful Miao batik, visit handmade paper making and watch the dance of the pheasant. The vegetation of the Danzhai varies while there are dozens of endangered species in the area. The most beautiful panorama of Danzhai is probably the fields of azalea with itsred, white, and even purple colors.

Must-see in Danzhai 

The Gaoyao rice terraces represent an essential stop of your trip to the district of Danzhai. For those who do not have time for a stop, it is possible to see them from the highway. However, it's best to venture a further to see a breathtaking view of the distant villages of Gaoyao. Both villages are known to the district of Danzhai as Shiqiao village, where paper is still made by hand, and the Boji Miao Village has a special shape.

Best time to Visit Danzhai 

Danzhai has an ideal climate. The summer is never too hot and the winter is always at the right temperature. The only drawback is the same throughout the Qiandongnan region where it rains frequently. Thus, rain proof clothing should be with you at all times.

  • Best time to visit

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  • Altitude

    900M Altitude Danzhai
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