Kaili Travel Guide of China

Things to do in Kaili

  • Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village

    Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village

  • Nanhua Miao Village

    Nanhua Miao Village

  • Matang Village

    Matang Village

  • Langde Miao Village

    Langde Miao Village

  • Kaili Ethnic Museum

    Kaili Ethnic Museum

Kaili is the center of Miao culture of Guizhou in Qiandongnan region. From this city, tourists can access the most beautiful ethnic villages in the poorest region of China. For less adventurous travelers, you can visit the villages around Kaili. Otherwise, it is possible to explore more in the countryside and discover more remote and traditional places.

Kaili Overview

The city of Kaili in Qiandongnan is the center for ethnic minorities in Guizhou. Located 195 kilometers from Guiyang, Kaili is the main destination for visitors who are willing to meet ethnic groups of China especially the Miao minority. The city is easily accessible due to a recently built highway.
The city itself isn't that interesting, but, its central location in the middle of traditional villages attract tourists to Kaili. Indeed, less than a 2 hour drive from Kaili, in a beautiful karst landscape, there are dozens of ethnic Miao villages connecting to one another. Some of the Miao villages like Langde, are attractive and are barely affected by trade and tourism.
When observing local festivals, the city of Kaili comes alive. Miao people come from remote villages to attend the celebrations. During the Lusheng Festival, the streets are filled with the sound of the most poular instrument of the area. For other ethnic festivals, singing competitions, buffalo fights and many other activities are organized. These are what make the city of Kaili awake to the colors of the ethnic Miao and Dong in Qiandongnan.
Even if the travelers do not have the chance to visit Kaili during the festivities, they can still have a good overview of the local life by visiting the Sunday market in Kaili. On that day, all villagers from surrounding villages invade the streets to sell or buy local products.

Must visit in Kaili 

The city of Kaili is often a port of accessing ethnic Dong and Miao villages of Qiandongnan area. If you have time, you can still visit the Minority Museum of Kaili which offers an introduction of the culture to the various ethnic groups settled in Qiandongnan. Close to Kaili, you also cannot miss the Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village. It is the largest Miao village in Guizhou with over 1,000 families living there. Each nearby village has its own characteristics. Thus, you will discover the Matang village is known for their batik cloth. The Langde village is considered one of the most picturesque Miao villages in Guizhou. In Datang village, visitors will find women wear interesting but unusual short skirts.

Best time to visit Kaili 

In Kaili, it is neither too hot in the summer nor too cold in the winter. The average temperature is 15°C and the differences are not very big throughout the seasons. However, it rains frequently. One might say that, "every day has four seasons" or "the weather changes every five kilometers." So no matter the time of year, it is best to bring a raincoat and rain boots. 
The most pleasant season might be the fall since the rain is less frequent but whatever the season, the humidity is strong.


  • Best time to visit

    Apr. May. Jun. Jul. Aug. Sep. Oct. 
  • Altitude

    1000M Altitude Kaili
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