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Things to do in Zhenyuan

  • Wuyang River

    Wuyang River

  • Qinglong Cave

    Qinglong Cave

With over 2,000 years of history, the charming Zhenyuan brings a serenity to the visitors in Qiandongnan, Guizhou. The Wuyang River crosses Guizhou while it is surrounded by mountains and the houses are embedded in the cliff and cave.

Overview of Zhenyuan

The county of Zhenyuan is located in the northeastern region of Qiandongnan in Guizhou. To get to this former post garrison, you must pass through the center of the Miao minority, Kaili.
The county of Zhenyuan has a long history. It was built 2,200 years ago and even after all this time, Zhenyuan remains interesting and highly preserved. What fascinates travelers most here is the dwellings of the county at the foot of the cliff. Some of the houses are embedded in the rock.  There is no wonder Zhenyuan is listed as a cultural city in China. Likewise, it entered the top 10 of the most beautiful old towns of China in 2009. Also, the fact that the county is very old, Zhenyuan possesses a special charm. Nestled amidst a valley, Zhenyuan is surrounded by verdant, Karst peaks. The Wuyang river winds down in the county forming an S shape. Rivers of Shibing and Wuyang River Mountains then give the form of Yin and Yang in the village!
The 3-hour drive from Kaili city is renowned for its dragon boat festival. Try not to miss the annual celebration while prepare for your trip.

Must-see in Zhenyuan

This small county lost in distant Guizhou is among the most charming. Taking a walk on the narrow alleys is a recommended experience. Also, if you are in Zhenyuan, visiting the Qinglong caves which are half embedded in the cliff are a necessity. If you spend the night in Zhenyuan, you can take a short cruise on the Wuyang river during sunset. 
Between Zhenyuan and Kaili, you can also visit the Wuyang River Park. There, it is possible to take a cruise on the three gorges of Wuyang. With the karst peaks in the pristine slopes, the journey is worthwhile.

Best time to visit Zhenyuan 

Zhenyuan is the place where many escape the heat of summer. With a river and surrounded by mountains, the fresh air awaits you. On the other hand, as in any Guizhou region, the rain is very common so rainproof gear is important to bring.

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  • Altitude

    585M Altitude Zhenyuan
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