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Things to do in Sanya

  • Sanya Beaches

    Sanya Beaches

  • Tianya Haijiao

    Tianya Haijiao

  • Sanya Li and Miao villages

    Sanya Li and Miao villages

  • Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone

    Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone

  • Sanya Dongtian Park

    Sanya Dongtian Park

  • Tropical Paradise Forest Park

    Tropical Paradise Forest Park

The top sites in Sanya

In recent years, Hainan Island, including the city of Sanya, are becoming trendy destinations for westerns. Beaches, Sunshine and a host city for international matches make Sanya a great city to visit. Sanya, China's only large city located in a tropical area, the legendary Oriental Hawaii attracts more travelers than other parts of China. This green city with clean air is a real paradise for relaxation. So discover more with our Sanya travel guide!

Sanya Overview

Sanya is located in the southern part of Hainan Island, which is at the southern tip of China. This island, which is the second largest in China after Taiwan and is the largest special economic zone of the country. The city of Sanya occupies an important place in port trade and communication routes. This strategic location in the southern sea has made Sanya the south Gate of China.
China's only large city located in the tropical zone, Sanya, is a seaside city which brings together all the elements that identifies a heavenly city like Hawaii. These elements include, sunshine, beaches, climate, forest, rural Landscapes and local traditions.
Local traditions vary in Sanya as there are more than 20 ethnic groups living in the region. A large Chinese Muslim community settled in this area while part of the Li and Miao kingdoms and are often found in the tropical forest nearby. Fun fact: More than a third of the population of Sanya is derived from the Li minority!
Surrounded on three sides by hills to a marked tropical vegetation, Sanya is a real paradise where luxury hotels have happily settled. The main bays of Dadonghai, Yalong and Sanya offer all the facilities you need to enjoy your trip. They are as follows: beaches, underwater activities, spas and even golf and pleasure boats, among amenities. 

Things to do in Sanya 

When tourists go on vacation in Sanya, they enjoy most of its beaches. Those of the Yalong Bay and Dadonghai are the most famous and often less crowded. By the sea, you can also enjoy the beautiful scenery and pleasant paths that are said to lead to the end of the world. They include, Tian Ya Hai Jiao, The Dongtian Park and the Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone. To avoid the sun, you can go to the rainforest of Binglanggu park with its Li and Miao ethnic villages and the Botanical Garden of Yalong Bay. For a more exotic experience, take a 3-4 day cruise to reach Halong Bay in Vietnam and the port of Da Nang.

Best time to visit Sanya

Sanya has a tropical climate year round. The average temperature is 25°C. There is an extremely warm period between March and October. In winter the temperature is typically 20°C, which some may say is not real “winter.” 
Showers may fall and there might be typhoons when all communications with the mainland routes are cut. Generally, there is no specific season recommended to visit but your choice depends on the degree of humidity and temperature you can take.

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