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Hong Kong and Macau Travel Guide of China

Things to do in Hong Kong Region

  • Victoria Peak

    Victoria Peak

  • Repulse Bay

    Repulse Bay

  • Aberdeen


  • Avenue of Stars

    Avenue of Stars

  • Star Ferry

    Star Ferry

  • Lan Kwai Fong

    Lan Kwai Fong

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In this Hong Kong region travel guide, we take into account the must-see sites of the metropolis with its islands, but also the casino city Macau. With Hong Kong-Macau ferry, the sights of the two cities are easily connected. Hong Kong, the former British concession and Macau, the former Portuguese concession form a rich and developed region which annually attract thousands of visitors from all over the world.

Overview of Hong Kong and Macau

As the former British and Portuguese concessions, Hong Kong and Macau returned to China in the late twentieth century, these former foreign concessions have been heavily influenced by their former occupants. Thus, it is difficult to find the similarity between the People's Republic of China and the two Special Administrative Regions sometimes.
Hong Kong, a large multicultural and ultramodern metropolis, while Macao, is less impressive in size but is in its beauty. Each city has developed its own very way and both results are enjoyable.
In Hong Kong, people are found in the hearts of busy streets and illuminated buildings in Kowloon and Hong Kong Island. English and Cantonese are the most used languages but expats create a melting pot and bring a touch of different cultures. However, the Hong Kong's New Territory (Xinjie) keeps the most traditional and authentic side of Hong Kong. This territory was the least affected by development, where locals live, and sometimes, they maintain the trades and lifestyles of their ancestors.
Regarding Macau, the city keeps a lovely Portuguese historic district but the development of the rest of Macau is much less extensive than in Hong Kong. Only large casinos stand out in the landscape.

Visa Policy for traveling to Hong Kong and Macao

Although Hong Kong and Macau belong to China, the entry between the Inland and these two cities are different. Lying at the southern end of the country, there is a clear divide between the country and the two special administrative regions. Thus, most Chinese need a travel permit to go there. However, for most foreigners (especially Europeans, North Americans and Aussie), they can directly enter Hong Kong and Macao without any visa. At the customs gate, a permit is then attached on the passport.
The different entry policy of Hong Kong and Macao makes things a little complicated for foreigners who would like to travel to inland China. In the situation of a tour from the USA - China - Hong Kong - China, a double entry visa for China is necessary since one comes out of China to Hong Kong and then enter again.

Things to do in Hong Kong and Macao 

There is no doubt Hong Kong and Macau are two fascinating cities for travelers from all over the world. Whether you are in search of modernity, nature, leisure, adventure, culture, recreation, everything is available to experience in Hong Kong and Macao. 
In Macau, you cannot visit the historical and cultural district without missing the Ruins of St. Paul's. 
In Hong Kong, your choices vary widely. However, it is recommended that you take the Victoria Peak tram to the top the mountain and see the amazing panoramic view of the Hong Kong bay. The rest of your trip is dependent on your interests. There are some nice markets in Kowloon and you can visit the south of the island of Hong Kong which is more relaxing. Also, you can visit some less developed islands nearby to expand your trip in Hong Kong.

Best season to travel to Hong Kong and Macau 

Hong Kong and Macao are located at the southern tip of China, the two cities are subject to subtropical climate throughout the whole region. The winters are not cold but summers are hot and humid. From May to September, unpredictable rain may fall everyday. It is advised to have rainproof gear with you during this time. You can visit both cities any time as no season is better than the other.

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    9M Altitude Hong Kong and Macau
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