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Suzhou Travel Guide of China

Things to do in Suzhou

  • Suzhou Museum

    Suzhou Museum

  • Master of Nets Garden

    Master of Nets Garden

  • Master of Nets Garden Night Tour

    Master of Nets Garden Night Tour

  • The Humble Administrator's Garden

    The Humble Administrator's Garden

  • Lingering Garden

    Lingering Garden

  • Tongli Watertown

    Tongli Watertown

The top sites in Suzhou

Suzhou is related to the most beautiful gardens in China. Having served as models for many palaces and imperial homes, the many gardens and authentic network sof canals make the city fascinating. This city, also home to silk is a legendary city where the finest silk in the country is produced.

Suzhou Overview

With more than 2,500 years of history, Suzhou is one of the oldest cities in China. About a hundred kilometers from Shanghai, it is part of the rich region of Yangtze River Delta. When they completed the Grand Canal, Suzhou took advantage of its strategic location on the trade route to develop itself. With its set of canals, bridges are furnished with old houses in the old town, Suzhou hasn’t lost its charm. A proverb says, "In heaven there is paradise, on Earth, there are Suzhou and Hangzhou," and the ancient grounds still present in the Suzhou prove that the saying is just as relevant today. 
As the largest producer of silk from China in the fourteenth century, the city has attracted many rich people and artists. It was they who took the company to develop private gardens in their homes. Then, there were more than a hundred traditional gardens in Suzhou. Today, Suzhou retains its title as the Garden City, while many foreign companies invest and set up their businesses there due to its proximity to Shanghai.

Suzhou Gardens

Designing a Chinese garden is an art that Suzhou has been able to master and control successfully. The beauty of a Chinese garden lies in the combination of culture and art. In former properties of aristocrats, wealthy merchants and scholars gathered a set of booths, galleries, gazebos, rock gardens and plants connecting the buildings. These beautiful reproductions of natural landscapes show the desire to escape the stress of everyday life and live a peaceful life. This lifestyle reflects Chinese philosophy of life design. The mountains, streams, plants, and architectures create a physical environment but also a spiritual atmosphere.

Must-see in Suzhou 

It is difficult to select the most beautiful gardens in Suzhou since all of them are exquisite. Generally, the gardens are distinguished from each other by their size and architecture. Among them, there are four classical gardens that are as follows: the Master of Nets Garden, the Humble Administrator's Garden, the Lion Grove Garden and the Lingering Garden. However, the first two are enough to show the typical characteristics of traditional Chinese gardens. The Lingering Garden or Liuyuan Garden can be visited at night to enjoy the site with fewer tourists and attend performances of the local opera in a magical environment. 
In Suzhou, you also shouldn’t miss a cruise on one of the sections next to the Grand Canal. Apparently, the Suzhou silk factory or the Tiger Hill with its leaning pagoda is also popular with tourists. You can also spend a day or even an afternoon in the water towns of Tongli or Zhouzhuang.

Best Time to Travel to Suzhou 

Located a hundred kilometers away from Shanghai, the climate in Suzhou is similar. Therefore, it is hot in the summer and cold in winter. Spring is a lovely time to visit Suzhou, as well as the fall.

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