Qinghai Emerald lake and prayer flags under the rainbow

Qinghai Travel Guide of China

Things to do in Qinghai

  • Qinghai Lake

    Qinghai Lake

  • Qinghai Lake Biking Tour

    Qinghai Lake Biking Tour

  • Longwu Monastery

    Longwu Monastery

  • Kumbum Monastery

    Kumbum Monastery

  • Dongguan Mosque

    Dongguan Mosque

  • Qinghai-Tibet Railway

    Qinghai-Tibet Railway

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Our Qinghai travel guide presents the province still unknown in the China travel market that remains a destination of choice. At the gateway of Tibet, Qinghai is the obligatory passage to go through the Roof of the World and arrive at Lhasa. Here, Tibetans and Muslims live together creating an amazing cultural patchwork. Most importantly, the Qinghai Lake, the largest inland and salty lake in China, attracts people for its outstanding scenery, beautiful wildlife and sports affiliation.

Qinghai Overview

For several centuries, Qinghai was a Tibetan region, part of the Tibetan Amdo. Today, although the government has decided to separate it, ethnic identity is still significant. People and their culture, geography and history of the region remind us how Qinghai influences the Tibetan border. The Han mainly live in Xining, while the Hui, Mongolian and other ethnic groups also settle there. 
The province is mainly located on a high altitude, we find large plains, mountains where peaks sometimes exceed 6,000 meters and fertile areas. Nomads and residents mixing in these natural landscapes are of great beauty.

Things to do in Qinghai

Yet little is known to visitors, Qinghai contains many cultural and natural wonders. At Xining, Islam and Buddhism coexist in harmony. You can visit one of the largest mosques in China, also known as Kumbum Monastery, where Tsongkhapa, founder of the sect of the yellow caps, was born.
Close to Gansu, you can extend your trip to Tongren, where the art of the Thangkas is extremely developed.
To appreciate the beauty of Qinghai, you can't miss the Qinghai Lake, the largest salty lake of China. For athletes or those that enjoy hiking, it is one of the most beautiful places with unique vegetation.
Xining is the starting point of the famous train to the roof of the world, which takes travelers to Lhasa through amazing landscapes!

Best time to travel to Qinghai

The entire region of Qinghai lies in altitude where the heat is constant regardless of the season. Nevertheless, it is not necessarily hot and there is usually wind from the mountains of Amdo, even in the summer. The best time period to visit remains between May and October where the prairies turn green and migratory birds settle on the banks of Qinghai Lake. It is advised to take a sweater and a raincoat because rain is frequent here.

  • Best time to visit

    May. Jun. Jul. Aug. Sep. Oct. 
  • Altitude

    3500M Altitude Qinghai
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