Shandong The cradle of Chinese critical thought at the foot of the Imperial Mountain

Shandong Travel Guide of China

Things to do in Shandong

  • Qufu


  • Mount Tai

    Mount Tai

  • Sunrise of the Mount Tai

    Sunrise of the Mount Tai

  • Tsingtao brewery and beer museum

    Tsingtao brewery and beer museum

  • German concession

    German concession

  • St. Michael's Cathedral

    St. Michael's Cathedral

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Although Shandong is not prominent among Westerners, it has great value in Chinese culture. As the birthplace of Confucianism, the principles of the great thinker are deeply linked in the local culture. Additionally, it is also here that one of the four sacred Taoist mountains are located. As you will see in the Shandong travel guide, Qingdao was invaded by Germans for a long period of time. The city has long been influenced by its past occupation and is famous for its beer.

Shandong Overview

Shandong Province, located between Beijing and Shanghai, is one of the richest provinces and most developed in China. Located at the downstream of the Yellow River, Shandong has suffered several years of drought and floods. Its economy and ease of accessibility are not the primary reasons to visit Shandong, but its past and its preservation through various sites are important.
Shandong is considered a mountain, a river and a scholar. Mount Taishan, the source of Jinan and the great Chinese thinker Confucius are renowned throughout China and are all in Shandong. The province is also considered a cradle of Chinese civilization.
It is in a small village in the ancient kingdom of Lu, in the current Shandong, where the great thinker of Confucianism was born. His ideas influenced much of present-day Chinese culture. 
Likewise, Shandong has welcomed pilgrims for over 3,000 years on Mount Taishan. It would be the oldest Taoist Mountain and the most important of them. Historical and architectural remains found on the path up to the top are considered the most important in Taoism. This mountain was also a unique passage for emperors to prove their divine mandate. 
The remains of the province in some cities show the distinct presence of Westerners in China. As a coastal province with many ports, it was a favorite entryway to China for Europeans at the time. Qingdao today is known for its beer, which the Germans brought over in the twentieth century. Some say that many neighborhoods are reminiscent of being in Europe. 

Things to do in Shandong

Qingdao, well-known for the brewski, is the best place to admire German architecture and culture that still influences there.
For a return to the origins of Chinese culture, you can discover where Confucius grew up in his home village, Qufu. There, you can enjoy the fresh air on Mount Taishan while exploring sacred places of Taoism nearby.

Best time to visit Shandong

Shandong has a temperate climate where winters are cold while summers are hot. Spring and autumn are very short but enjoyable. Toward the coastal cities of Shandong, the temperature softens a little in the summer and are not low in winter.

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