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Things to do in Shanghai

  • The Oriental Pearl Tower

    The Oriental Pearl Tower

  • The Bund

    The Bund

  • Shanghai Museum

    Shanghai Museum

  • Yuyuan Garden

    Yuyuan Garden

  • The Oriental Pearl Tower

    The Oriental Pearl Tower

  • ERA Acrobatic Show

    ERA Acrobatic Show

The top sites in Shanghai

As the economic capital of China, Shanghai is very attractive to tourists due to its similarity to western cities. Shanghai is often called the “Manhattan of the East.” Other than the skyscrapers in the Pudong new area, the scenery is a mix of its modernity, with parts of the city remaining in the past.

Shanghai Overview

It is hard to imagine that this bustling and modern metropolis was once a small fishing village 200 years ago. The mud flat hosted only a minority of people before Western powers became interested in China.
Therefore, the fishing village of Yangtze River Delta gradually turned into the door to enter the country. It has contributed to Shanghai’s growth into one of the most important cities in China and the country’s economic capital.
It is now one of the largest metropolises in the world and one of the largest ports in the country. This is due to its location on the coast, which earned it the name of the city "above the sea.”

Must-see in Shanghai

Some parts of Shanghai have retained their traditional components from the colonial era representing the past of the city. The Bund is one of the most remarkable parts of Shanghai with all its European architectures illuminated at night. The Old French Concession and Xintiandi also highlight the life of locals in the nineteenth century.
The Yuyuan Garden is one of the few places in the city that offers the scenery of nature fully preserved. Surrounded by a busy bazaar, this garden is a good example of the development of Chinese gardens. In the nearby bazaar, there are specialties of the city as well as souvenirs for tourists to bring back home for family and friends.
For shopping or some down time, Nanjing Road and its various shops are a great are to explore. In the afternoon, the street is illuminated by large, neon lights from shops and hotels.
Lastly, the buildings in the Pudong new area await your arrival, glittering with the reflection of the Huangpu River. It is best to take the night Huangpu River cruise to admire the skyscrapers in the Pudong new area and other old European buildings along the Bund. You can also spend your evenings getting a drink at the bar in Jinmao Tower, overlooking the illuminated city or attending the Chinese acrobatic show, which is very famous in Shanghai.
For those who have more time (1 or 2 more days), a trip to nearby cities like Hangzhou and Suzhou would be worth it.

Best Time to Visit Shanghai

Shanghai is a city with a temperate climate. The four seasons are all conducive to traveling in such a metropolis. However, be aware of its extreme temperatures in the summer when it is very hot and the winter when it is very cold. Fall and spring are quite short, but would be the best times of the year to avoid the extreme temperatures.

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