Yangtze River Delta Between modernity and tradition

Yangtze River Delta Travel Guide of China

Things to do in Yangtze Delta

There is no doubt that the Yangtze River Delta is one of the most developed regions in China. Driven by the big metropolis of Shanghai, the neighboring provinces are equivalent to a goldmine for foreign investors. The Yangtze River Delta, the world's largest metropolitan area is also a destination for travel enthusiasts to discover the wonders of China.

Yangtze Delta Overview

When we talk about the Yangtze Delta, it usually is regarding the metropolis of Shanghai but also part of Jiangsu and Zhejiang. They form the richest region in China together. Lying on the banks of the longest river in Asia, the region makes history pulling the economy forward.
The fertile land of 100,000 km² produces grain, cotton and tea that is sent to the rest of the country and abroad. The Yangtze Delta is also an attractive region for foreign direct investment (FDI). Indeed, almost 50 FDI are carried out in this region where all industries are stimulated by outside investment.
The Yangtze Delta is the richest region in China, yet it is a land of forests, mountains and rivers. The fame of this region comes from wealthy traders and merchants that prospered there as well as scholars who came to reveal it. With its private gardens, water villages, sacred temples and beautiful scenery but also its business districts and modern buildings, it's the area to discover the wonders of the past, present and future of China.

Things to do in Yangtze Delta

Shanghai is essential to see the Chinese colonial past and its modern present. Thus, you should not only visit the Bund, but also the Old French Concession, as well as the business district with its large buildings. In Zhejiang, feel free to go experience the paradise on earth, also known as Hangzhou. In this city where relaxation and recreation are at the heart of life, enjoy West Lake and the serenity of the Lingyin Temple. In the south of Jiangsu, garden lovers can discover the most beautiful gardens in China which have served as models for various imperial parks. The charming water villages are also worth a visit in these provinces, particularly Wuzhen and Tongli.

Best time to visit Yangtze Delta

Located in the central region of China, the Yangtze Delta has a special climate where spring and autumn are short and the summer and winter are long. In addition, the temperature is extreme. It is very hot in the summer and very cold in the winter. However, temperatures in the midseason are pleasant, which is the best time to visit this part of China. Traveling closer to the coast, you will experience a cooler climate with sea breeze blowing away the heat of summer.

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