Yunnan Rich minorities and amazing landscapes

Yunnan Travel Guide of China

Things to do in Yunnan

  • Lijiang Old town

    Lijiang Old town

  • Shuhe Ancient Town

    Shuhe Ancient Town

  • Impression Lijiang

    Impression Lijiang

  • Stone Forest

    Stone Forest

  • Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

    Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

  • Tiger Leaping Gorge

    Tiger Leaping Gorge

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Yunnan is said to be a province for the minorities in China. Here, there is neither a city nor a village that does not possess the marks of an ethnic group. Moreover, Yunnan is full of eye-catching natural sites depending on the location. Mountains, lakes, rivers, rain forests, Yunnan might be the most colorful province in all of China.

Land of Chinese ethnic groups 

Bordered with Tibet, Burma, Laos and Vietnam, Yunnan is one of the most important provinces in China. Home to a third of the 55 ethnic minorities in China, Yunnan is considered one of the most diverse province. A long time ago, ethnic groups settled in these mountainous regions during invasions in the North. Then, they allied themselves to form the kingdom of Nanzhao and Dali that resisted for centuries before falling in the hand of the Mongols in the thirteenth century. Ethnic groups broke out and then divided themselves throughout the province within the north, a Tibetan influence and a southern Thai influence.

The splendid nature of Yunnan 

Yunnan is also characterized by its variety of landscapes. In the north, there is the old Tea and Horse Road which leads to Tibet; the region is also the origin of tea in China. Due to the topography, Yunnan has the most abundant vegetation of the country. Additionally, the snow covered peaks add an extra charm to the region. 
In contrast, southern Yunnan has a very impressive tropical region. The famous Xishuangbanna gives the impression of a trip to South America in the Amazon rainforest. Near Kunming, capital of the province, there is the end of the karst peaks chain started in Guilin area, several hundred kilometers away. This splendid mountain ends in the amazing Kunming Stone Forest.

Things to do in Yunnan

Yunnan has been a trendy destination for Westerners in the past few years, but do you have any idea what to do during your trip to Yunnan? In the South, you should visit the tropical forest of Xishuangbanna and Yunayang Rice Terraces. In Kunming, the Stone Forest should be on you schedule. In Dali, enjoy the Lake Erhai and in the north, the ancient Tea and Horse road with old town of Lijiang, the tumultuous Tiger Leaping Gorge and the Shangri-La Tibetan village are all worth the visit. 

Best time to visit Yunnan

Southern Yunnan is located in a subtropical climate, there is good weather year round, although summers are quite hot. It rains a lot which promotes the dense tropical vegetation of the region.
The northeast of the province and its mountainous region may experience all four seasons in one day, with a peak of heat, a stormy rain and snowfall. Therefore, it is best to have all types of clothes.
Kunming, nicknamed the Spring City, has a comfortable temperature throughout the year.
Generally, the southwest of China is pleasant to visit in the spring and autumn,  while summer is quite rainy. However, for those that do not mind the rain, misty landscapes are the hallmark of Yunnan. A journey in the Tibetan village of Shangri-La, would not be good during the winter since there is a risk of road congestion are important.

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    2000M Altitude Yunnan
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