Kunming Travel Guide of China

Things to do in Kunming

  • Stone Forest

    Stone Forest

  • Yuantong Temple

    Yuantong Temple

  • Dynamic Yunnan

    Dynamic Yunnan

  • Golden Temple

    Golden Temple

  • Western Hills

    Western Hills

  • Yunnan Nationalities Village

    Yunnan Nationalities Village

The top sites in Kunming

Kunming is a obligatory stop on while you travel to to Yunnan. As the capital of Yunnan province, it is located at an altitude of 1800 meters. Nicknamed the Spring City due to its nice weather, travelers quickly understand the meaning once arrive there. The top things to do in Kunming should be a visit to Stone Forest, which is 1.5 hour drive from Kunming. For more information about things to do in Kunming, check our Kunming travel guide.

Overview of Kunming 

Kunming, the capital of Yunnan Province, is a quiet city located at an altitude over 1800 meters. This high location but mostly in the temperate southern part of China provides an eternal spring climate throughout the year. This is also why Kunming has the nickname "Spring City". Unlike the other regions of province which are very marked by minorities, Kunming is detached from the rest of the province and becomes industrialized. 
Being the capital of the province, Kunming is actually the gateway for any trip to Yunnan since the other cities in Yunnan do not yet have a highly developed air network and the visitors have to make a stopover in Kunming before discovring the other areas. Yunnan has been a trending destination for more and more travelers, Kunming has an international airport serving many destinations including some in Europe.

Must-see in Kunming

The most essential site to visit in Kunming is definitely be Stone Forest. This natural site is located outside of the city but is really the highlight of the trip to Kunming. The downtown of Kunming can be worth a visit but it is not necessary to plan too much time on site; you need to pay more attention to other areas in Yunnan. However, the flower and birds market as well as the Golden Temple and the Western Hills are all good choices.

Best time to visit Kunming 

Kunming is very aptly nicknamed the Spring City. It never gets too hot nor too cold (temperatures rarely drop below 0°C). On the other hand, When Spring comes and comes the rain ... The rainy season in Kunming lasts about 3 months, from June to September. Thus, the best time to travel is from April to May and September to October. However, winter is not a bad season either, it just slightly cooler there.

  • Best time to visit

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  • Altitude

    1894M Altitude Kunming
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