Shangri-La Travel Guide of China

Things to do in Shangri-la

  • Songzanlin Monastery

    Songzanlin Monastery

  • Old Town of Zhongdian

    Old Town of Zhongdian

  • White Water Terraces

    White Water Terraces

  • Ancient Town of Dukezong

    Ancient Town of Dukezong

  • Tibetan Family Visit

    Tibetan Family Visit

  • Pudacuo National Park

    Pudacuo National Park

The top sites in Shangri-la

The small town of Shangri-la - for all travelers in search of nature and serenity. Recalling in many ways of the mysterious valley that is described in "Lost Horizon" by James Hilton, Shangri-la is really the edge of the world. Just read our Shangri-la travel guide to fall in love with this amazing town!

Overview of Shangri-la 

Shangri-la is to be the edge of the world for many people. This small town is located in Yunnan on the border with Tibet, Sichuan and Burma. Here, modern life hasn't yet heavily influenced the people. Secluded from the outer world, Shangri-la attracts adventure travelers from all over the world. Shangri-la, or we say Zhongdian, indeed, this city was known as Zhongdian until 2001. The old town changed its name to Shangri-la the name Shangri-la appeard in the writing of "Lost Horizon" by James Hilton. Indeed, the reality matches the description in the book. So even if it is or not the mysterious valley, a trip to Shangri-la is beneficial.

Must-see in Shangri-la

All things to do in Shangri-la are interesting. For lovers of nature and wildlife, you can spend more enough time relaxing in the old town and exploring in the surrounding national nature parks. Located at an altitude of 3160 meters, the views of Meili Snow Mountain and Haba Snow Mountain with Mingyong glacier are wonderful. Hikes are popular in the area.
It is essential to walk down in old town of Shangri-la to soak up the local Tibtan culture. Travel with China Escapade, you might even meet a Tibetan family and discover the inside of one of these traditional houses!
Not far from Shangri-la, spend half a day to explore the monastery of Songzanlin and stroll around the Pudacuo National Park if you have more time.
For more information about what you can visit in the area of Shangri-la, you can check out the guide page about Deqin.

Best time to visit Shangri-la 

Shangri-la is more than 3000 meters above the sea level, it is cold and dry. Winter is not the right time to get there although the roofs under the snow make the beautiful landscape. So if you don't care the cold, book a hotel with heating and / or electric blanket and explore this magical valley! The best time should be in Spring and Fall, from April to June and September to October. Summer is not recommended because of the rain, landslides and high temperatures.

  • Best time to visit

    Apr. May. Jun. Sep. Oct. 
  • Altitude

    3200M Altitude Shangri-La
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