Zhejiang A developed region abundant in silk and tea

Zhejiang Travel Guide of China

Things to do in Zhejiang

  • West Lake

    West Lake

  • Lingyin Temple

    Lingyin Temple

  • Hefang Street

    Hefang Street

  • Songcheng


  • Nine creeks and eighteen gullies

    Nine creeks and eighteen gullies

  • Wuzhen Water Town

    Wuzhen Water Town

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Zhejiang province isn't a common region you hear about in the West, yet there are natural wonders hidden there. The beauty of Hangzhou West Lake has been appreciated for centuries and represented by painters and poets. The rich and diverse areas of Zhejiang provide a sensational and refreshing experience in a peaceful and serene atmosphere. Simply read through our Zhejiang Travel Guide to gauge the charm of this coastal region nearby Shanghai.

Zhejiang Overview  

The province of Zhejiang, located south of Shanghai is now one of the richest and most developed provinces in China. However, this has not always been the case. Initially, Zhejiang was a poor rural country and as time went on government officials took advantage of the land resources and proximity to Shanghai to become a powerful province today. 
With traces of civilization dating back to 7,000 years, the province was of considerable importance in the Southern Song Dynasty. During this time,  Hangzhou became the capital of Zhejiang province and remains the capital today. The Southern Song dynasty focused on improving the internal system of the country. This population of this dynasty enjoyed indulging in the arts and entertainment. The renowned West Lake attracted poets and painters from all over China who came to express the beauty of the landscape in their works. Even Marco Polo fell in love with the city of Hangzhou where the peaceful atmosphere reminded him of a Paradise on Earth. 
However, Zhejiang also has impressive natural resources with plains in the north, many mountains and rivers in the south. Its coast has more than 18,000 islands. Buddhism is well established in the region, including the mercy Guanyin, which can be found on the famous island of Putuoshan. Small water villages with channels and stone bridges are also available. These villages derive their wealth from their tradition of producing cotton that is still prevalent today. 
Also, given that the local culture is strong in Zhejiang this province specializes in both the production of silk and one of the best Chinese teas (Longjing Tea or Dragon Well Tea). The multiple local dialects are fascinating to tourists along with specialty dishes from each city. 
Fun fact: Did you know that the first Chinese people to emigrate to Europe, particularly in France, were from Wenzhou in Southern Zhejiang province? This city has long remained an important link in Chinese emigration to Europe.

Must-see in Zhejiang 

You cannot say that you have travelled to Zhejiang without visiting Hangzhou and its famous West Lake. Cruising, cycling or walking around the West Lake is essential in admiring the beauty of nature at hand. In Hangzhou, Lingyin Temple is worth visiting not only because of the temple but also the sculptures of Peak Flying from Afar. 
On the way to Shanghai, you can stop to visit the Wuzhen water town where you can spend the night. The illuminating streets reflected on the tranquil channels add to the peacefulness of the water village. 
In the far western region of Zhejiang, the Thousand Island Lake brings pleasure to all.
On the coastal area, the Buddhism on the island of Putuo attracts travelers to its beaches, temples and divine landscapes.

Best Time to Travel to Zhejiang

Located in the midst of the South China Sea, Zhejiang Province has a mild climate, but is sometime affected by typhoons. From May to June, it rains often while mists are present even after the rain. Summers are hot and humid and winter, on the contrary, is quite cold. The best time to visit Zhejiang would be the spring before the rain season. In the spring there are cool temperatures where natural flowers bloom contributing to a refreshing trip. Although Spring is a beautiful season to visit there are other seasons that offer an equally enjoyable experience.

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    Mar. Apr. May. Jun. Jul. Sep. Oct. Nov. 
  • Altitude

    6M Altitude Zhejiang
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