In China, it is common to negotiate prices. This is a game which buyers and sellers are happy to play. However, how do you know the real price of an item?

In China, bargaining is a part of the culture.  Bargaining is a game that the Chinese love to play, regardless if the participant is a buyer or a seller. As a foreigner, it's interesting to play the game but also essential for your budget.

Even if sometimes you think the price is really nothing compared to that of your country, know that sellers tend to triple their prices because they know that you're a foreigner. Imagine that amount that you find ridiculous is significantly less than what you paid. Keep this in mind when buying an item on the street.

When you choose to bargain, it is best to do so in places where prices are not listed markets. In these locations, do not directly give your final price. This amount should be discussed for a while. The seller will reduce the price slightly with each amount that you offer.  Be aware, however, that you will eventually reach the lowest price that the vendor can offer because, although the price is not fixed, sellers can’t sell at a price that is lower than the collective costs of producing or obtaining their item(s).


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