Visas and formalities

For a guaranteed trip, you must obtain your visa for China and all other necessary paperwork before departing. Mainland China, Tibet, Hong Kong and Macau, each have their own rules regarding required documentation.

Visas for China

Any person with a non-Chinese passport must carry a valid passport and visa to enter China.If your passport has expired or if you do not have a passport, you must apply for one in at your city hall. To obtain a visa, your passport must be valid at least six months after you plan to return. Since our agency is in China, we cannot offer direct assistance with any visa formalities. We will, however, provide you with all the necessary documents to complete the visa application by yourself or through an agency.
Given that the visa is issued by the Chinese Embassy and various consulates, you will have to go to your nearby consulate in charge of issuing visas. You can make a request at least three months before your departure. The visa process takes approximately a week.
The required documents for a visa application are as follows: the round-trip tickets, hotel reservations, travel itinerary, and two passport photos.
For more details on visa prices and centers in your country, please visit the following link: or
Although we are aware of updates and changes in the visa procedure, please still check for any updates, considering the ever-evolving Chinese policy.
If you prefer, you can go through an agency that deals with traveling to a nearby center and secure a visa on your behalf. Although this is an additional cost it may be more secure because the administration rarely denies requests made through professional agencies.
If you are traveling to Vietnam for the first time, you can choose to apply for a visa in the US. Before departing or once on you arrive in Vietnam. You can visit the Chinese embassy in Hanoi to see the documents you will need for your visit.

Procedures in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan

Whether you are American, Australian, British or Canadian, you do not need a visa to enter Hong Kong, Macao or Taiwan. You will just have to present your passport that should be valid for a 90-day visa to Hong Kong and Macao and 30 days in Taiwan.
If you visit one of these cities before entering mainland China, then you may have to do additional work to get a Chinese visa. However, you have to have a double entry Chinese visa in case you want to visit Hong Kong or Macao in the middle of your trip.

Tibetan Permits

If you want to go to Tibet, prepare yourself for stringent rules. There have been situations where overnight the government closes the border to all foreigners entering Tibet along with  adding last-minute restrictions. We strive to make your trip enjoyable, however, we can’t anticipate restrictions.
Generally, to enter Tibet, you will need a specific permit. By booking a trip to this region with our agency, you don’t have to worry about licensing and fees that are included in your trips  price. Our helping you will allow you to have a hassle free process before your trip.

Transit Visa in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu,  Chongqing,  Dalian and Shenyang

For a layover of less than 72 hours at these 7 major cities in China, you can leave the airport after presenting your ticket, showing a stop with a ticket and visa for the next country's destination. In these cities you don’t need a visa so we can organize a whirlwind tour of the city and help you register at a local police station(s). 

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