Guides and giving tips

Everything you need to know about your guides, their quality and status in China are presented here. Whether you provide a tip for services or not, they will be there throughout the journey to help you have an unforgettable experience.

The guides we offer have all taken the national certification exam and are qualified with a vast of knowledge of Chinese history, culture and language. We strive to offer you the most experienced guides in each region our services are given.

Before you depart from your home country, we will send a list of the names and phone numbers of the tour guides who have been designated to guide you through different regions of your trip, in case such information is needed during your trip. Sometimes a guide withdraws at the last minute for a personal reason. In such a scenario, we would find a direct replacement for you to keep the change from impeding your journey in any way. Each guide will meet you at the exit of your last point of transportation. Thus, upon arrival of your international flight in China, you are prepared for the rest of your China trip.

In China, it is not necessary to tip at hotels, restaurants and taxis.

The con to this custom, however, is that most tour guides in China are used to dealing with western clients that offer tips.  Our travel services support a base salary for the guides that are regional. Local agencies tend to not pay full wages, as the guides are usually offered a small salary to offset any tips that may be received at the end of their service. It is the same for the driver, that provides his own car.

In a private tour, customers may give one hundred Yuan per day of service provided, which is an example of a tip amount a customer may give. You can choose to give more or less to express your satisfaction with the quality of their services.

Thus, for a stay of four days that has gone well, you can give 400 Yuan or add an extra hundred or two hundred Yuan. On the contrary, if you find the quality of service to be low, you can then give only two or three hundred Yuan and tell us about your experience. We will then do our best to compensate your dissatisfaction and reevaluate the quality of the guide.

For the driver, fifty Yuan a day is enough. Again, this is only an example. You are completely free to determine the quality of the service that is provided to you and how much you should compensate that.

For a group of more than 10 people, each person usually contributes 20 Yuan every day toward tipping. The total is then divided between the guide and the driver. The larger share, in this example, would often go to the guide.

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