Various options of meals are offered for you to choose from. You may want to allow yourself to discover local specialties or explore unknown cuisines in the neighborhood surrounding your hotel. You can expect very different types of cuisines available to you

When customizing your trip, you will plan to find meals while you are in China or allow us to coordinate meals for you. Please note that it is generally recommended to include lunch on days of site visits, as not to disrupt the rhythm of the trip. By having a lunch planned in advance, you can avoid spending time trying to find a suitable restaurant or waiting for a long time to be served.

Either way it is your choice, although it is advised not to include dinners when you are in larger cities. In small towns, you'll struggle to find a restaurant and, even if there is one, the cleanliness and/or quality will probably not match your standards. In this case, you should request our services to ensure you don’t have any problems.

No Meals Included: From the moment you choose not to include a meal, you can choose to walk around during your trip or ask your guide for local recommendations, considering that he/she will know the local specialties nearby your hotel.

Meals included: We usually organize meals in common local restaurants that allow you to taste specialties of each region. If you prefer western food, however, you can let us know so that we find a suitable selection for you, accordingly.

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