On site itinerary modification

Since you'll be at the heart of the China tour, small changes can be possible at any time. Activities, hotels, meals, free time, and fun nights are all possibilities for modifying your trip.

Our goal is to provide you with a perfect trip so if you would like to make some changes we would be happy to. You are always able to edit aspects of your itinerary on-site or while planning parts of your tour. You can speak with your guide about the pace of your trip but also cancel, change or add a visit to places of your choosing. The price difference will be calculated by the guide who will tell you if you need to pay an extra charge or if we will refund you later. For example, you can add activities or options in the evening when time permits during a day trip.  The fee for these activities will be charged immediately.

It may happen that the guide is forced to change a planned visit in your trip due to external elements. Whether the unexpected closure is due to bad weather or a delay in transportation, alternatives will be proposed to you to replace this activity with one corresponding to your preferences. If it is not possible to replace an activity because of lack of time or for any other reason, we will try to compensate you for such changes during the rest of the stay by offering an additional, unique activity that you will have approved.

For more information on changing the itinerary during your trip, please consult our Terms of Sale and Payment.

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