Phone and Internet services

Because communication is essential, please beware of international rates of your phone's service provider. You may also want to consider telephone options and internet services in China. Below is more information about such options.

1. Country Codes

Once you arrive in China, you will notice that each country has its own code preceded by 00 or + sign. Thus, the USA and Canada have +1 but Britain and Australia are +44 and +61. If any person outside of China would like to call your Chinese cell phone, they will need to add the code +86 for China before entering your number. Additionally, be sure to talk to your relatives about contacting their service provider to see if there is an affordable way of contacting you. Some phone companies have specific add-ons to your plan that will allow your relatives or friends to contact you at a low monthly fee.

For calls within China (to contact us), you have two options:

  • You can use a Chinese SIM card: dial the number as it is for a call in the same city or add the 0 with the region code (your guide will give you this code if it is not listed with the number)
  • You can use your own SIM card: You must then follow the same procedure that you perform if you were to call a Chinese number from abroad by adding the code +86 before the number.

2. Means of Communication

Before you leave, check with your carrier to see if your phone will work in China and if there is any procedure that you must follow to unlock your phone for international travel plans. You, thus, should have no problems communicating with your relatives and contacts who are in your home country while you are in China.
Upon arrival, we can provide you with a SIM card containing 50 Chinese RMB as an option available by request. It will be helpful for you to remain in contact with your guide or have the ability to call our agency while you are exploring the rest of the country. If you want to unlock this card to call internationally, you will need to reload the card with a high enough minimum. Keep in mind that costs are significant for international services. It will likely cost you more to unlock your card to call internationally than just buying a phone card.
Otherwise, you can always buy an IP card for mobile phones, which will let you join international networks by following the written procedure. This is the most practical and least expensive way to call internationally.  A card may allow for approximately 100 RMB to call 20 minutes (depending on the country of receipt).  You will not need to buy too many of them because this card is valid in different regions.
A simple overseas phone card is also possible but you will have to find a phone booth or a post office to use it.
Try to avoid calling from your hotel because costs are much higher than calling from a mobile phone.

3. Internet

Remember that you are traveling to a developing country. This means that you may have to wait for some services and some may not be available at all. Some hotels, for example, do not offer Wi-Fi and/or may not offer LAN internet services. According to the hotel selected, internet services may only be available for purchase. However, there are some hotels that may have a business center with computer and internet access.
In large cities, bars and cafes usually offer internet access to their customers. Otherwise, you will find cafes where video game enthusiasts spend their day. For a minimum of 5RMB per hour, you can use a computer with a good internet connection.
Note that although China is a democratized country, Internet is fairly monitored. In China, you do not have access to Facebook, YouTube or Twitter. Some websites will also not display (i.e. many blogs and sensitive sites are not accessible) and some pages may take some time to open (e.g. Gmail).

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