Time Difference

On a map, it seems that China is on the other side of the world. Be sure to adjust your watch and phone times upon arrival and pay attention to time differences, especially if your home country has Daylight savings time changes during your trip. Similarly, daily schedules may differ, so be sure to check for hours of operation for any stores that you enjoy visiting, considering that their schedule may differ from those in your home country.

1. Jet lag

China is in Time Zone 8. Although this is a very large country, China does not have different time zones that vary in the country. The official time in China is that of Beijing.

Unlike most countries, China does not change its time depending on the season, such as Daylight Savings time for summer or winter. 

If you would like to know the differences between China and your city, please refer to the following link: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/ .

2. Opening hours

The Chinese live at a frantic pace and a visitor may often feel like they never stop.

There is no hour of operation regulations, so stores open and close when they want. However, in general, they open around 9-10AM and close between 8PM and 9:30PM. They also operate daily, including operating on weekends and holidays (with the exception of Chinese New Year).

Banks generally open from 8:30AM and close at 4:30PM, sometimes stopping between noon and 1PM for lunch. ATMs are located outside of banks or in separate rooms that you have access to 24/7.

Post offices are open every day of the week from 9AM to 5PM and provide assistance for acquiring international postage stamps and envelopes.

Museums are generally open on weekends and closed on Mondays. We pay attention to this when we are planning your trip. If you choose to plan one of your days, however, be mindful of the hours of operation of any museum so you do not arrive in front of a closed facility. Be sure to check their website for that information.

3. Meal Times

In China, people eat earlier than foreigners. Lunch is held from 11:00AM to 11:30AM and an individual's dinner is often before 7PM.

The organization of meal times during day trips depends on the sites you plan to visit. It may be that you eat after noon on one day then the next day you eat between 11:30AM and 1PM. If you have any preference for the time, please speak to the guide at the beginning of the trip so she/he does their best to ensure that your meal begins at your preferred time.

In the evening, if you chose not to include meals, it is recommended that you try not to eat too late, considering many restaurants may be closed or no longer offer all menu items after 8:00PM or 8:30PM.

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