Travel documents

Some papers are necessary to travel to China. It is beneficial to do check all expiration dates of your identification materials before traveling.

It is essential that you have a valid passport where the expiration date is at least six months after the trip, and all visas and/or permits necessary are there at the beginning of your journey. Possession of these documents are your sole responsibility. China Escapade disclaims any responsibility if you do not succeed in obtaining the proper travel documentation. 
If you go to Tibet, an entry permit is required. We can take care of the licensing and fees which are included in the price of your trip but we cannot guarantee your trip 100%. Overnight the Tibetan government may choose to close the entry of Tibet to all foreigners or as well as add other restrictions. We strive to help make your trip hassle free but must adhere to all rules and regulations of your destinations.
By contrast, diplomats, journalists and diplomatic officials must seek approval of the Office of Foreign Affairs the Tibetan local government.
Once you create a tour with our help, you must send us the booking form. We will then have all the information we need to book various services for you including, domestic flights, hotels and trains. This document is essential for proper travel arrangements. The sooner you send it to us, the sooner we can continue with the booking process.
Once various services are booked by us, we can provide you with the necessary documents to make your Chinese visa application.


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