Travel insurance

To take a trip with confidence, coverage by a travel insurance is important. Our agency protects you with Travel Agency Liability Insurance but additional insurance is also recommended.

Your entire tour is covered by the Travel Agency's Liability Insurance. This insurance agency is regulated by the National Tourism Administration of China. This insurance covers accidents that transpire as a result of any services caused by China Escapade. It does not, however, cover any incidents or physical issues occurring outside of the tour period caused by clients themselves. Thus, we recommend you purchase additional travel insurance in your home country before leaving. Note that the credit card you use may offer insurance and assistance on their website.
However, generally, with a visa card, only credit card payments offer free travel insurance for 3 months. If you make a bank transfer, your credit card will not cover you.
For more information, contact your financial counselor or you can view our partner's site World Normads regarding their professional travel insurance services.


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