Songpan Village Horse trekking in the mountains

Songpan Village Aba Sichuan
The Tibetan County of Songpan is a paradise for horse riding or trekking. Spend a single day or several days trekking in the pristine landscapes. Here, yaks and horses graze peacefully in the steep valleys under an incomparable blue sky.

Traditional Tibetan Village     

After eight hours driving from Chengdu, there lies the small village of Songpan. As the gate of Tibet, this village is quite representative of the Tibetan culture. The traditional architecture, the Prayer flags, the local population, sets condition for an unforgettable experience. The old quarter is surrounded by a wall whose doors are intact to see, likewise, the two wooden bridges cross the Min River are worth visiting...

Trekking in Songpan 

Although this is a small Tibetan village, this is not what attracts walkers here. Trekking, no matter on foot or on horseback, make Sonpan to be more welcome. To avoid too many problems and keep the comfort accommodation in a hotel, it is best to make the hike in one day. Otherwise, it is possible to spend 3 or 4 days climbing to the Peak of Snow Mountain. The hikers then overnight in precarious places and shares brief meals with local guides.
The hike to follow the path of the cliffs which you can admire the impressive views while the mountains gradually rising to 4,200 meters above the sea level.

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  • Altitude

    3 500M Altitude Songpan Village
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