Huanglong National Park scenic and historic interest area

Huanglong National Park Aba Sichuan
The Huanglong National Park is an amazing Nature Reserve in the far north of Sichuan. Here is a chain of yellow travertine landforms with turquoise waters and waterfalls cascading down the valley in a unique forest. Wherever you visit, there is a fantastic travertine landscape that awaits us.

Travertine Landscape 

What makes the beauty of the place? Lost in more than 3,000 meters above sea level in the area, there are the incredible turquoise water ponds quietly down the mountainside. It took millions of years for this beautiful landscape to be formed. Indeed, to a millimeter mineral deposit to form a dam it takes 100 years! Today is a multitude of ponds that make up this magnificent panorama. The difference between the turquoise pools surrounded by sandbanks and dense vegetation provides a divine atmosphere.

Yellow Dragon Valley 

If translate the Chinese Huanglong, then we understand that it is the Yellow Dragon Valley. Here, just look over the valley to resemble a golden dragon appearance. Calcite with sandbanks gives a yellow color that is also apparent from the sky. Huanglong National Reserve actually includes seven valleys that stretch over 1,300 km², but the one that really worth is actually the Huanglong Valley.

The Pond of Five Colors 

Once arrived at the climax of the Huanglong Valley, the most beautiful limestone pools open the eyes of the walker, nicknamed the eye of the dragon. The water flowing from turquoise to emerald green in these golden limestone pools offers a fantastic and unforgettable view.

The Choices of the Visit to Huanglong  

Stretches for 4 kilometers, it is quite possible to first climb up the 250-meter steep slope, and take a round trip walk around the area need approximately 5 hours. Another solution is to take the cable car up and then down slowly over the pools and waterfalls that fill the landscape in every corner.

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  • Altitude

    3 290M Altitude Huanglong National Park
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