Jiuzhaigou Tibetan Music and Dance Show mysteries of Tibet

Jiuzhaigou Tibetan Music and Dance Show Aba Sichuan
The show Mystery of Tibet or Zangmi in Chinese in Jiuzhaigou is one of the masterpieces of Yang Liping. Reveal the traditions and customs of different Tibetan people through the pilgrimage of a faithful old woman to Tibet. With the Tibetan songs and dances, the audience discovers a world full of mysteries.

The Plots of Tibetan Show 

Yang Liping has traveled many times to Tibet and therefore wants to share the atmosphere she felt there. In this part of the world, people are fully dedicated to Buddha and many people, including seniors, go on pilgrimage. In this show, an old woman, A Ma, is on a pilgrimage with her goat and spectators follow the journey step by step. This is an excellent way to discover the values of life and death in the Tibetan religion.

Yang Liping 

Yang Liping is a Chinese choreographer and dancer who created the spectacle Impression Yunnan. It is known in China by the nickname of Princess of Peacock. In fact, when she was 13, she won a national dance competition by creating and interpreting the dance of spirit of the peacock. Originally from ethnic Bai, she spent a long time in a dance troupe Xishuangbana before embarking on the production of plays. 

Tibetan Songs and Sacred Dances 

This is a group of over 80 people, half of which is now giving life to Tibetan songs and dances. One could almost say that Yang Lipin has merely find shepherds and pilgrims traveling in remote Tibetan regions to revive dances and sacred songs from Tibet, some dating back several hundred years. The Tibetan singer and actor Rongzhong Erjia has also helped in the discovery of these traditions. The songs, which have been created for the occasion, are really the highlight of the show. Instrumental performance, especially with the Tibetan guitar is quite exceptional.

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