Taoping Qiang Ethnic Village

Taoping Aba Sichuan
The Taoping Qiang Village is home to some of the last members of the Qiang people of Sichuan. The multi-millennial remarkable village was a stronghold of the past and exceptionally well preserved up to now. The people, who have kept their language and traditions, open gradually to the outside world. Happy to share their expertise, they will offer an unforgettable experience for visitors.

The Qiang Minority 

There are still about 150,000 Qiang people in China, most of them living in Sichuan. In this village, 90 of the population belongs to this minority. With its own language and customs, the minority lasts for thousand years. Although speaking their own language, the Chinese characters are used here. Living mainly from agriculture, the simple life of Qiang people is exemplary. Their homes are simple but solid, their food comes from vegetables and fruits they still cultivate today and their clothes are sewn by women. Indeed, embroidery is an ancient tradition that goes from mother to daughter. Traditional costumes are worn during festivals but even the daily clothes are full of sewing skills and intricate designs. Another specialty of this people is Mixed Alcohol which is made from barley and corn on the mountain. The rule of tasting is very important, the oldest starting to drink first.

An Ingenious Qiang Village 

Located on the other side of a tumultuous river, only one bridge provides access to the Taoping Qiang Village, once this location was strategic point to prevent enemy´s invasions.
The Diaolou, which there were seven, served as a watchtower. The two still standing today allow a splendid overlook of the village. But what is special about this village? It was the underground irrigation system. The water come directly from snowmelt are available in every home by just removing a slab on the ground. All channels on the streets and at home were even once used to hide person in case of invasion.

Solid Houses of Taoping Village 

The Taoping Qiang Village survives more than two thousand years. Built in 111 BC, the houses are still standing today. Made of stone, wood and mud, village carpenters built houses by eye, without a plan, design or measurement! Each house usually consists of three floors, the ground floor for animals, first floor as living room and the second for the bedrooms. It takes several years to build a house because you have to wait six months before you start to build a new floor, it allows each part to solidify before having a higher floor. This is probably why the houses could survive from the earthquake.

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