Irtysh River the wonders of three bays

Irtysh River Altay Xinjiang
The Irtysh River is the only river in China through Russia and flowing into the Arctic Ocean. After its tour in the Kanas Nature Reserve, Kazakhstan and Russia, it finally ends up more than 4000 kilometers away. In the magnificent Kanas natural park, its raging waters forms a unique landscapes.

This river has its source in the mountains of the Altai range, which stretches 300 kilometers. Situated at the crossroads between several countries, Irtysh River crosses the Kanas Nature Reserve before moving to Kazakhstan and Russia. The Irtysh River is the only river in China through Russia and flowing into the Arctic Ocean. It winds sinuously over 2970 kilometers before reaching its tributary. In the first part of the river, dark blue-green has earned the name Kara Irtysh while in Russia it becomes white Irtysh for its majestic appearance.



  • Best time to visit

    Jun. Jul. Aug. Sep. 
  • Altitude

    800M Altitude Irtysh River
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