Kanas Lake the deepest freshwater lake in China

Kanas Lake Altay Xinjiang
The Kanas Lake is a natural wonder in an enchanting landscape. As the deepest freshwater lake in China, the surrounding natural park boasts unique vegetation. The treasures of the lake have attracted numerous travelers who venture its shores by boat.

The 5A National Landscape

Located at remote China, Lake Kanas is called God Palette for the various colors it appears in different seasons. This lake is located at the northwestern tip of China and the area in which it is coiled forms 4 countries: Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan and China. Kanas means fertile and mysterious land in Mongolian. So it is very aptly named for the natural environment in which it is located, an area of over 5,500 km² and contains an impressive animals and vegetation. Plants and animals and fish are of unparalleled variety in China. This earned itself to be 5A national scenery

The Stunning Views of the Bay

Surrounded by mountains whose snow melting water pours into the lake, it is a real beauty. to fully appreciate its beauty it is advisable to take a speedboat which takes travelers to the most beautiful bays and coves of the lake.
On the Irtysh River, the three main bays offer extraordinary landscapes whose nickname is very evocative. One of them is called the Bay of Dragon, another Bay of God and the most wonderful of all, the Bay of the Moon. Once on the river, it is very easy to understand the names given to these enchanting places.

Kanas Lake Terror

Lying 1370 meters above sea level, Lake Kanas stretches almost 45km² for a maximum depth of 196 meters. This makes it the deepest freshwater lake in China. Just like the legend of the Loch Ness in Scotland, Lake Kanas is said to possess a sea monster in some local legend. An animal, called Guaiwu by locals would occasionally surface. According to some legend, it would measure more than 10 meters long! But according to scientists, this would be a species of fish, Hucho Taimen. This freshwater fish is carnivorous and would measure 8 meters long. So, who knows if the scientists are right or if the lake monster really exists?

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    Jun. Jul. Aug. Sep. 
  • Altitude

    800M Altitude Kanas Lake
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