Tuva Villages Mongols and Russians in Kanas

Tuva Villages Altay Xinjiang
There are three Tuva villages remain in the Kanas Nature Reserve. Steppes, snowcapped peaks and pine forest are the setting in which Tuvans build their wooden houses and raise their horses. Everything here is original and simple.

Tuva Minority

In the Kanas Nature Reserve, about 2000 people have been living there for about 500 years. Some said the Tuva Minority come from Siberia; others explained that their ancestors were soldiers of Genghis Khan left behind due to illness or injury. They are Mongols or Russians, this people has its own customs and language. They believe in Tantric Buddhism and still live simply.

Three Tuva Villages

18 kilometers away from the entrance to the Kanas Nature Reserve, there is the first of three villages of Tuva ethnic group in China. Hanasi or Kanas, guard typical traditional houses with wood and fire in the fireplace. It is the same in Hemu village and Bai Kaba. Coiled in the steppes over 1000 meters above sea level, these villages offer some of the finest views of the park. They are overlooked by the mountain, which marks the border with Russia and Mongolia. The sunrise in the early morning Hemu village is the most splendid. Moreover, with the the development of tourism, the inhabitants of these villages are opening up more and more tourist activities for more income. They now offer horseback riding, a local meal or a night in one of their homes. Everything is very authentic and you will be shocked by the simple life they lead.

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