Tianlong Tunpu stone village of Guizhou

Tianlong Tunpu Anshun Guizhou
The village of Tianlong Tunpu is a former garrison of the Ming Dynasty when Han Chinese had developed their own culture. Here, everything is built in stone: the walls, houses and even their roofs and streets. No wonder it is so well preserved for 600 years. Local traditions overplay ageless charm to the village.

Fortified Village of Ming

As the village of Longli, Tianlong Tunpu is a former military post where a garrison of soldiers in the service of the Ming dynasty lived. Han Chinese settled there over 600 years on this strategic location. Serving both to prevent enemy invasions but also quell any local rebellions, the soldiers spent most of their time cultivating the fields around the village. Over time, this landlocked town was moved to create its own culture through its language, costumes, architecture, customs and beliefs.

A Stone Village

The particularity of this village stands in its construction. Heavier materials from land were used to build the wall, the city gates, watchtowers, houses and roads. Thus, the soldiers laid the stones they had at hand to build their mail. Everything here is made of stone. And even 600 years later, the village has not changed. Most of the buildings and the walls are originals. It is as if it had been frozen in time.

Experience of Local Tradition

On entering the village, you would think mistaking that this is an ethnic minority who settled here. Women wearing a traditional blue dress, shoes made hands and a cap. And yet, are they really Han Chinese? Being cut off from the world, they simply kept the costume of the Ming Dynasty. Another tradition that is specific to this village is Tunpu opera. In an old outdoor theater, local farmers and take pleasure in giving small representations of a half-hour of their opera house. With stage costumes, they will present 40 to 100 different wooden masks during a performance. They then sing old folklore stories, fight and vibrate to the sound of lively music.

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