Wudangzhao Monastery the largest lamasery in Inner Mongolia

Wudangzhao Monastery Baotou Inner Mongolia
The Wudangzhao Monastery is not only the largest lamasery in Inner Mongolia but also the best preserved. This monastery is impressive and majestic. Although its Tibetan architecture is quite unusual for the region, its appearance still favors that of the lamasery in Tibet. In addition, this site offers a beautiful natural setting to enjoy the green valley areas.

Willow Valley

Monastery Wudangzhao is lost in the mountains, 70 km northeast of Baotou. Tibetans call the monastery “Bada Gele,” meaning “white lotus”. But its Mongolian name, “Wudang,” is often used. Indeed, “Wudang” translates as “willow and the valley,” in which covers the monastery and its surrounding area.

Largest lamasery

Throughout the autonomous region of Inner Mongolia, Wudangzhao Monastery is the largest and best preserved. With 2,500 rooms, it houses approximately 1,500 statues of Buddha!
The outside of the monastery is both distinguished and majestic. In an unusual Tibetan-Mongolian style in this region, the monastery is a beauty. Fully respecting the Tibetan Buddhist architecture, the temple is white and gradually ascends to heaven. The windows have distinct black paints, and the outer housing is constructed in this way as well. The different halls have a completely different function: prayer, study of mathematics, language study, library, and so on.  Every moment is offering a new discovery. The streets are lined with prayer wheels that rotate Buddhists, always with the right hand in the direction of clockwise.

An exceptional setting

The monastery itself is quite a beauty, but the valley in which it is located is equally extraordinary. From the terraces of the monastery, the views of the surrounding hills are beautiful.

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