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National Grand Theatre Beijing Beijing Region
Nicknamed the Egg Building, the National Grand Theater of Beijing is an architectural work that was carried out by Paul Andreu, a French architect. There are some difficulties in the construction of this huge futuristic structure of titanium and glass but the project has finally been completed. The National Grand Theater, just like an egg floating on the lake, is now regarded as a hallmark theater in Beijing.

Difficulties during Construction 

At the launch of the tender for the construction of the new Beijing Theatre, 44 projects had been proposed. The French architect, Paul Andreu, was the last of the candidates. His meeting with the Prime Minister at the time, Mr. Zhu, had been announced at the last moment; thus, he did not have time to prepare properly. It was so impromptu that he is even presented with two different shoes!  Despite this, the project was chosen at last. In addition, the site had to be suspended for four months after the collapse of a Terminal at the Roissy-Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, France. Considering that the same construction technique has been used for both buildings, it was necessary to ensure that the accident at the airport did not occur in Beijing. After inspection, it turned out that the building materials used were in poor quality and were thus the source of the accident. To avoid such kind of mistakes, the National Theatre was built with the best materials, construction was resumed and everything was back to normal.

An Ideal Location  

Located in the heart of Beijing, close to the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square, the National Grand Theatre is a national centre for performing art. Considering its construction style, most of us may be fascinated by the artificial lake surrounding the whole theater. 

Modern Construction 

The Egg building of Beijing appears as a shell floating on a lake. This is a representation of the integration of man in nature. This construction of nearly 47 meters high is made of titanium glass. This gives it an airy appearance that is uniquely the presentation of futuristic. The National Grand Theatre is also known as the “New Beijing Theatre” and “National Centre for the Performing Arts”. The architecture is sometimes referred to as the “City Theater” because of the three huge rooms including the opera house, a concert hall and a theater.


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  • Altitude

    44M Altitude National Grand Theatre
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