Sayram Lake nomads of Xinjiang

Sayram Lake Bortala Xinjiang
Sayram Lake is a marvel of nature. At an altitude of 2000 meters, this vast clear water is topped by the Mount Tianshan and beautiful snowy peaks. This is ideal for hiking, horse-riding or camel-riding. And especially you may have the chance to attend the Naadam festival organized by nomads.

The Briefing of Sayram

In the remote Xinjiang, in a wonderful setting formed by the snow-capped Mount Tianshan, Sayram Lake has attracted many travelers. At the altitude of 2,070 meters, it is a marvel of nature. Of 454 km ², this vast expanse of water was reminiscent of a dream. In spring and early summer, the meadows are carpeted with yellow flowers where cattle graze by nomadic Kazakhs. During the cold season, the lake covered with snow is quite beautiful just like magical crystals intermingle with spruce. Each season offers a unique landscape that can change suddenly depending on the weather. Thus, the eye will never capture the same view of the lake with the snowy peaks of the Heavenly Mountain disappear and reappear in the middle of moving clouds.

The Naadam at Sayram Lake

This land is occupied half of the year by the nomadic Kazakhs for meadows but also Mongols in the region. They come to graze their sheep and cattle in summer pastures. But this site is also best visited in summer for you will have the opportunity to participate in the famous festival Naadam. Horse racing, Mongolian wrestling, archery competition and many other activities are held while attracting hundreds of nomads on the shores of Lake Sayram. Grasslands are then covered with traditional yurts and cattle fairs are very organized.


  • Best time to visit

    Jun. Jul. Aug. Sep. Oct. 
  • Altitude

    509M Altitude Sayram Lake
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