Multicolored Bay Five Colored Bend

Multicolored Bay Changji Xinjiang
In the district of Changji, the Multicolored Bay or the Five Colored Bend brightens the day of travelers. It offers a changeable landscape in a day. Sometimes calm, sometimes inflamed, sometimes multicolored, it is a patchwork of color that extends over the hills to the imaginary forms.

Millions of Years' Work

The Multicolored Bay or the Five Colored Bend is probably the most beautiful place in Xinjiang to observe the effects of erosion after thousands of years of exposure. There was several million years for coal which was the area was burned by lightning and the sun to form the various peaks. The erosion of rocks composed of several minerals results in a set of uneven colors variants hills.

Change of the Colors

The main color remains the reddish brown but a rainbow colored sky that follows. Moreover, the colors change according to the brightness and intensity of sunlight. Here, the colors are actually changing depending on the time of day. In the morning, the five colored bend is wrapped in ribbons of colors reminiscent of dreaming. Under the midday sun, we feel that the fire traveled these hills has been revived. This is a fuzzy landscape with hills difficult to define. At nightfall, the mountains become multicolored; the sun tends to be confused with glowing colored hills.



  • Best time to visit

    Jun. Jul. Aug. Sep. Oct. 
  • Altitude

    474M Altitude Multicolored Bay
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