Chengde Mountain Resort an Imperial Summer Retreat

Chengde Mountain Resort Chengde Hebei
To escape the summer heat, the emperors used to take refuge at the Mountain Resort in Chengde. This complex of palaces and outer temples, surrounded by a wall, is a valuable indicator of the imperial dynasties. Multiple imperial gardens, lakes, forests, lawns represent an ideal setting for a summer retreat.

Summer Resort of Qing Dynasty

In the 18th century, the Qing Emperor Kangxi built the Mountain Resort as a summer retreat that was not far from Beijing but still provided relief from the heat. The imperial summer palace took about 90 years to complete and covered nearly 1,400 acres of land. It was the primary summer residence for the emperors Kangxi, Qianlong, and Jiaqing. Shielded from the outside world by a six mile long wall, the palace was a sweet escape. The palace shows the largest imperial garden in the nation. The lakes and tree groves provide refreshment even in the hottest of days. When not engaging in archery and horseback riding on the grassland, emperors would spend time in the magnificent series of palaces, pavilions and pagodas. There were eleven pagodas in all. These outer temples were split into eight groups, which were often called the eight outer temples.

72 Sights in the Mountain Resort

Under the distribution of Emperor Kangxi, the Mountain resort was developed to 36 sights. And later Emperor Qianlong doubled the number. So the summer retreat contains 72 sights. Despite the damage suffered from the warlords and the Japanese, it is still possible to see these magnificent sceneries.

A Story about the Summer Resort

Emperor Kangxi had decided to build his summer resort after a hunting trip in the region of the current resort. Actually, he had seen a huge rock like a hammer (still visible today) and this was a sign that the emperor would give the final word and that’s why he built the mountain resort here.

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    350M Altitude Chengde Mountain Resort
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