Basha Miao Village Miao minority of Congjiang

Basha Miao Village Congjiang Guizhou
Basha Miao Village retains the authenticity of this Chinese minority. Here, one would almost believe that time has not been taken. There are many things to see: wooden houses, traditional clothes made by hand, land crops with Buffalo, simple food, ancestral customs, and more. Apart from a few thrill seekers who are curious to venture so far, the Basha Miao people have really not seen much of the rest of their country.

When you arrive at the Basha Miao Village, One cannot help but notice how much it remains in a quite unique old style. All constructions are wooden, built on pillars so that the livestock is housed below. It would seem that nothing has changed for centuries. Only a few young men decided to break traditions and take a cut of more modern hairstyle. Otherwise, everything has remained intact, whether its lifestyle, culture, clothes, language or food.

Here, the rice terraces are very small and few arable and buffalos is a great asset to farmers. The Miao live in self-sufficiency. They eat their crops; produce their clothes and build their homes. Women sew clothes by hand. With indigo, they give a blue color with purple hues highlights the traditional clothes worn every day. To ensure their waterproofing, they even mix this plant with the egg white! Men wear their long hair in a bun, is a sign of masculinity among the Miao.

For many inhabitants, they consider themselves the direct descendants of the ethnic group who settled here several millennia previously. The inhabitants, although cannot speak mandarin, are always delighted to welcome fresher with rice alcohol, songs and local dances.

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  • Altitude

    550M Altitude Basha Miao Village
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