Jiabang Rice Terraces one of most beautiful terraced fields in China

Jiabang Rice Terraces Congjiang Guizhou
For an off the beaten path trip in Guizhou, a trip to Jiabang rice terraces is necessary. Not far from Congjiang, these colorful terraced fields are among the most beautiful ones in China. With the few villages perched amid these terraced fields, the landscape is breathtaking.

One of 5 Most Beautiful Rice Terrace in China

Jiabang Rice Terraces are among the most beautiful rice fields of Guizhou and even in China. Located 80 km away from Congjiang, visitors who made the trip admit they love it! The Jiabang rice terraces are not limited to a few hills and a village perched in the middle. These rice fields extend over 40 km² and there are several villages of ethnic minority groups here!
It is not only their size that makes the rice terraces of Jiabang so beautiful, these crop plots reflect the amazing views when the whole rice fields are irrigated.

The Colorful Jiabang Terraced Fields

The Jiabang Rice Terraces form the fascinating landscapes for each season. Upon the arrival of spring in Guizhou, the fields are used in the cultivation of rape flower. then the yellow flowers set the tone.
Then, rice is planted and there may be up to 2 times' harvests per year. Flooded fields are succeeded by an abundance of green shoots which turn gradually to yellow. The height of altitude and the time of planting and harvesting then offer a colorful terraced fields landscapes to travellers!

The Ethnic Groups in Jiabang

In this part of Guizhou Miao, Zhuang, Dong, Yao, Shui and Han reign supreme, but the Miao ethnic group is still the majority. Costumes, songs, traditions,... everything is very marked in this area of Guizhou. The architecture of the villages scattered in the middle of the rice terraces of Jiabang is also characteristic of these ethnic groups. Wood is the sign and a river is never far from each village!

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