Dali Catholic Church

Dali Catholic Church Dali Yunnan
The Dali Catholic church can impress you by its typical Chinese architecture. But once inside, you can find it a European church with some Chinese characteristic somewhere.

There are few traces of the evangelization in China. In Dali, a Catholic Church remains the footprints of the French and Swiss missionaries at the end of the 19th century. The Catholic Church of Dali was built in 1927 on the request of a French priest. Although the Church was raised to the rank of diocese by Pope Pius XII, it then passed to the hands of the official Chinese Catholic Church that is not recognized by the Holy See.

Despite this, the visit to the Catholic Church in Dali is worthwhile. Indeed, the architecture of this sacred place is a mixture of European and Chinese styles. Seen outside, if we do not pay attention to the cross placed at the top of the building, one might believe that this is a traditional Chinese building. However, once inside, we find ourselves in a wooden and European-style church. Chinese priests add their touch by framing Chinese traditional paintings on the walls.



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