Gaoyao rice terraces stunning views in Guizhou

Gaoyao rice terraces Danzhai Guizhou
Between Kaili and Rongjiang, the Gaoyao rice terraces in Danzhai are among the most beautiful fields in China. With the village of Gaoyao is locate atop a hill and surrounded by this color patchwork, the view is the most amazing. That's why many nature lovers make the long journey to check out this extraordinary landscape.

Colorful Gaoyao Rice Terraces 

The Gaoyao rice terraces are located on the route between Kaili and Rongjiang, Guizhou. Located close to the highway, so it is very easy to access! Extending across the hillside, the colorful rice fields are among the ten most beautiful rice terraces in China. One might then believe that the mountain is covered with a different color coat every season. 
The best time to make a trip to the Gaoyao rice terraces should be at the annually rice harvest season. Usually happens from late August to early September, the Gaoyao rice fields then change the color from green to yellow to create a nice patchwork.

Miao village of Gaoyao 

In Danzhai county, it is possible to make a stop at the Miao village of Gaoyao. Best known for its fantastic rice terraces, the wooden village of Gaoyao remains itself amazing. The landscape is so beautiful that many photographers, no matter professional or amateur, come here for beauty shot.

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