Hanging Temple Xuankong Si

Hanging Temple Datong Shanxi
The Hanging Monastery is a temple on a cliff, which may make you dizzy just by seeing its hanging appearance. The feeling is accentuated when one realizes that it is held with wooden pillars. In addition to its stunning location, this temple is very popular as part of the five sacred Taoist mountains of China.

A Temple Deserves its Name

What gives the look of such suspension in air? This temple is located more than 50 feet high on the side of a cliff. Supported by thin wooden pillars, the temple gives the impression of being suspended dangerously surrounded by the canyon walls of Jinlong.
Built in the seventh century, it is quite unique in China. Although the halls and pavilions marry perfectly the contours of the cliff, you have to take the bridges that make you literally float in the sky.

Incredible Resistance that Stands the Test of Time 

Before the creation of this temple, the Northern Wei dynasty had tried in vain to build other buildings near the canyon. Indeed, the strength of the Heng River outweighed everything in their path. But one day they finally managed to build a temple that will last until our time, the Hanging Temple. This monastery, consisting mainly of wood, resisted all kinds of weather for over 1,400 years! Its elevated location provides protection from river floods and the wall of the cliff offers great protection against the elements.

A Temple for Three Religions

The fact that the monastery is well flanked against the cliff is already an architectural feat. But the hanging temple is also different from other temples in China. Indeed, it mixes elements of styles from Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism, the three religions in China.

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  • Altitude

    1 000M Altitude Hanging Temple
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