Yungang Grottoes excellent rock-cut architectures

Yungang Grottoes Datong Shanxi
The Yungang Grottoes, a world heritage, are a spectacular collection of rock carvings from within the mountain. It accounts for more than 51,000 stone statues of 5th and 6th centuries! The Five Caves of the Grottoes are the classic masterpiece of Buddhist art.

51,000 Stone Statues

Carved between the fifth and sixth century, these caves were built to last even upon a sandstone cliff. Inside the 252 caves, there are about 51,000 Buddhist statues. Most are medium in size and damaged by time but some reach 17 meters in height or are so well preserved that it is still possible to distinguish facial features.

The Five Caves of Yungang Grottoes 

The Yungang Grottoes are especially known for sculptures made ​​by the monk Tan Yao. The Five Caves site is indeed considered a classic masterpiece of Buddhist cave art in China.

A little history

The Northern Wei Dynasty moved its capital to Datong. With the ascent to the throne of the first emperor of this dynasty, Buddhism flourished in the region and Buddhist art began to develop. In 460, the monk Tan Yao began carving the Five Caves site and work on the site continued for 60 years. Sculptures that are contained in these caves become the center of Buddhist art in northern China. Located in Wuzhou Mountain, The Yungang Grottoes were formerly known caves of the Wuzhoushan.

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    1 000M Altitude Yungang Grottoes
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