Dunhuang Crescent Lake and Singing Sand Dunes

Dunhuang Crescent Lake Dunhuang Gansu
Near the desert from Dunhuang, the magic Singing Sand Dunes appear to adventurers. The Crescent Lake is nestled in Singing Sand Dunes. This lake out of nowhere has the distinction of never dry up. Meanwhile, the sands produce melodious sound as they run along the slope. That's a fairytale world.

Sandy desert

Not even a dozen kilometers from Dunhuang, it is possible to enter in the desert and get lost in the immensity of sand dunes. After arriving at the top of the first sand dune, you will appreciate the ocean of sand dunes stretching out of sight. This yellow sandy ocean shines under the sunlight as it is about 800 square kilometers of desert dunes! You can then choose to stroll around but many other activities are possible. There are the traditional camel ride, quad biking, paragliding, tobogganing and archery art filling your afternoon in the desert.

Singing Sand Dunes

Here, there is a phenomenon that scientists are unable to agree. The sand roll down from dunes produces a sound. One then had the feeling it sings hence the name of the place, singing sand dunes. Just simply listen to the melodious sound when you walk on a sandy slope.

Lake Oasis

Lost in the dunes, there is a small lake never dried up. The Crescent-shaped Lake nestled in the dunes for several thousand years in the desert. A temple now located on the shore of the lake adds a special charm to the landscape.

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  • Altitude

    1 146M Altitude Dunhuang Crescent Lake
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