Labrang Monastery largest monastery in Gansu

Labrang Monastery Gannan Gansu
The Labrang Monastery is the most impressive attraction in Gansu. Largest monastery outside Tibet, Labrang Monastery is one of the few dedicated to the Gelugpa sect still standing today. The sumptuous rooms with elaborate Thangkas shouldn't be missed. The walk on the path of prayer is also very interesting.

Tibetan Monastery

Xiahe, also called little Tibet, is home to the famous Labrang Monastery. At an altitude of 3000, surrounded by mountains and steppe for Tibetan nomads, the Tibetan monastery gives the impression of coming directly from Tibet. Its architecture corresponds perfectly to the architecture of the monasteries found in Tibet. Its tiering of 234 temples, quietly amount the slope of the hill is quite characteristic for this vermilion color and those outlined black windows.

Gelugpa Monastery

Spanning more than 1,200 square meters, it is one of the last six Tibetan monasteries belonging to the sect of the Yellow Hat, Gelugpa. Labrang is also the largest Tibetan monastery outside Tibet. At its peak, it housed about 4,000 monks but today it is not even the half that still lives there.

Guided Tour by Monk

The huge Labrang monastery is really a beauty. The only problem is that the visit is guided by a monk from the monastery. Although he speaks English very well, the monk has a strong accent and repeats the same thing every day, he tends to speak very quickly and not to be interrupted. The best is to have a private guide who can explain the points remained obscure. Anyway, the tour is interesting, the guide pass by the magnificent prayer hall, various temples, study rooms and much more.

The Path of Prayer

To better appreciate the buildings of the Labrang monastery, it is possible to follow the path of prayer to go around. So you can overlook the roofs of temples and perform a nice walk in the surrounding hills. An overview of the housing, the people is possible. In the hills, small huts are built here and there. These are pieces for monks who want to meditate.

  • Best time to visit

    Jun. Jul. Aug. Sep. 
  • Altitude

    2 800M Altitude Labrang Monastery
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